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Adobe® Flash® is one of the most advanced authoring environments for creating rich, interactive content for digital, web, and mobile platforms. Adobe® Flash® creates interactive Websites, media rich advertisements, instructional media, engaging presentations, games, and more.

Flash® sites have drawbacks as they are not comprised of standard compliant markup and search engine robots/crawlers do not index Flash® Website content. In certain industries, the benefits of having the interactive content of Flash® outweigh the cost of creating alternate sites for search engine and cross-browser compatibility using techniques such as Progressive enhancement.

Services provided:

  1. Website maintenance contracts to monitor and repair problem pages according to current World Wide Web Consortium standards
  2. Website hosting to house, serve, and maintain files
  3. Internet marketing and promotion services to increasing traffic to websites using proven strategies
  4. Register and administer domain names
  5. Professional, high-quality and visually attractive website designs
  6. Custom graphic designs
  7. Design, Engineer and administer databases
  8. Create and maintain websites with static and dynamic content
  9. Ecommerce, Internet market, virtual storefront solutions