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HyperText Markup Language

HTML is information that is added to a document to convey information about the document's structure or presentation. What you see on your screen just looks like a page of text, but the formatting is done "behind the scenes" by the markup.

Early HTML syntax rules and processing requirements were ambiguous or, by design, lenient; when confronted with unfamiliar or poorly-authored markup, Web browsers commonly made assumptions about intent and proceeded with rendering of the document. Over time, as the use of authoring tools increased and more consistent browser behavior was demanded, the trend in the official standards has been to create an increasingly strict language syntax, demanding more precise code. Most browsers, however, continue to forgivingly render documents that are far from valid HTML. Search engines may not index a page containing invalid HTML thus making it imperative that your web pages are designed by coders with expertise in current standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium.

What is Document Type Definition (DTD)?

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